Alu Bar

  • Versatile Aluminium Burglar Guards
  • Made from Hardened Aluminium alloy
  • Reliable and robust
  • Low Maintenance , corrosion and rust resistant – Excellent for coastal regions
  • White and Bronze

Additional Product information:

Armourdoor’s Alu Bar DIY burglar guards can be purchased from one of our listed retail Hardware stores. The Armourdoor Alu Bar burglar guards are easy to install and stylish, suitable for the modern home and business. Manufactured from a hardened aluminium alloy and powder coated thus making a durable and corrosion resistant burglar guard. Each Armoudoor Alu Bar burglar guard consists of a 25 x 25 square tube support uprights, sidebars and centre bar with a 12 X 12 solid square bar which runs horizontally. In addition to our standard retail sizes Armourdoor Alu Bar burglar guards are manufactured to meet a customers custom needs too. Fill in an enquiry form or contact us via email at or call 0861 777 573 for a quote.



350mm x 650mm

350mm x 1250mm

650mm x 650mm

650mm x 950mm

650mm x 1550mm

950mm x 650mm

950mm x 950mm

1250mm x 450mm

1250mm x 650mm

1250mm x 950mm

1250mm x 1250mm

1250mm x 1550mm

1550mm x 450mm

1550mm x 650mm

1550mm x 950mm

  • 1550mm x 1250mm