Alu Trellis

  • Slam lock for instant security
  • Made from hardened aluminium alloy
  • Smooth and silent sliding mechanism
  • Reliable and robust
  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance, corrosion & rust resistant, excellent for coastal regions
  • White and Bronze
  • Charcoal, Black and Silver available upon request

Additional Product Information:

Armourdoor’s Alu Trellis DIY slam lock security gate can be purchased from one of our listed retail Hardware stores. The Armourdoor Alu Trellis security gate is easy to install and stylish, suitable for the modern home and business. Manufactured from a hardened aluminium alloy and powder coated thus making a durable and corrosion resistant security gate. The thick flights used on the Alu Trellis security gate form a 3 uniform X pattern across the security gate which is designed with both strength and aesthetics in mind. Each Armoudoor Alu Tru Trellis security gate contains a slam lock which provides instant security. The Alu Trellis Security Gate runs on a specially designed nylon wheels on the top and PVC fibreglass infused bottom guides on the bottom making the security gate operate smoothly, effortlessly and silent.


1000mm x 2100mm
1500mm x 2100mm
1800mm x 2100mm
2100mm x 2100mm
2400mm x 2100mm
3000mm x 2100mm

Custom sizes available upon request