• Transparent Bars to protect without obstructing your view
    • Easy to install
    • Reliable and robust
    • Rust free
    • Made from impact resistant 6mm x 30mm Polycarbonate
    Colour Range
      • Clear
      Width and Height
        • 6 pack 760mm
        • 6 pack 1000mm
        • 3000mm strips

        Additional Product Information:

        Armourdoor’s C-THRU Burglar guards can be purchased from one of our listed retail Hardware stores. The Armourdoor C-THRU Burglar Guards are easy to install and stylish, suitable for the modern home and business. The Armourdoor View Protect Burglar guards are manufactured from impact resistant polycarbonate . These transparent burglar guards are versatile unbreakable and is one of the strongest thermoplastics ever produced. This polycarbonate is widely used for riot shields, bulletproof windows and enclosures such as seen inside banks or at a drive through. In addition to our standard retail sizes Armourdoor C-THRU Burglar guards are manufactured to meet a customers custom needs too. Fill in an enquire form or contact us via email at or call 0861 777 573 for an obligation free quotation.