Flat Bar

Flat Bars, amongst other DIY uses, can be used to cover board joints, as a skirting and trim off edges look professional an pleasing to the eye.
Code Measurement Length
F12 12mm x 2mm 2.5m
F12-3 12mm x 3mm 2.5m
F19 19mm x 2mm 2.5m
F19-3 19mm x 3mm 2.5m
F22 22mm x 2mm 2.5m
F22-3 22mm x 3mm 2.5m
F25 25mm x 2mm 2.5m
F25-3 25mm x 3mm 2.5m
F30 30mm x 2mm 2.5m
F38 38mm x 2mm 2.5m
F50 50mm x 2mm 2.5m