Flat Bars – Flooring

Flat bars can be used, amongst other things, as a dividing strip between flooring types. They are available in 2mm and 3mm thicknesses in aluminium mill finish. Anodised light bronze, dark bronze and natural are available on request.
Code Measurement Length
F12 12mm x 2mm 2.5m
F12-3 12mm x 3mm 2.5m
F19 19mm x 2mm 2.5m
F19-3 19mm x 3mm 2.5m
F22 22mm x 2mm 2.5m
F22-3 22mm x 3mm 2.5m
F25 25mm x 2mm 2.5m
F25-3 19mm x 3mm 2.5m
F30 30mm x 2mm 2.5m
F38 38mm x 2mm 2.5m
F50 50mm x 2mm 2.5m